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15 Open Source tools for video camera security penetration testing

The following is a list of various GitHub repositories that relate to the security of IoT devices and CCTV cameras. These tools can be used to search for and exploit vulnerabilities, analyze network traffic, and control your devices where you have permission on the device itself and the network it is connected to. To limit […]

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Sicurezza informatica in Italia nel 2023: dove siamo e dove dobbiamo migliorare. Un’analisi dei fattori chiave di 20mila siti del cyber perimetro Italiano

L’Italia è uno dei paesi più colpiti dalle minacce informatiche a livello globale. In questo articolo sono stati analizzati oltre 20000 siti web delle istituzioni, società supply chains, enti pubblici e privati del perimetro cibernetico dell’Italia. Il cyber perimetro dell’Italia è stato analizzato attraverso una serie di key performance indicators, o KPI, basati su dati […]

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A cybersecurity analysis of 323 CSIRTs and CERTS websites in the European Union

The cybersecurity report was generated analysing the cyber perimeter of public websites of 323 CERTs and CSIRTS in Europe and abroad. Those websites have been analysed for OWASP vulnerabilities, technologies used, HTTPS certificates, CVEs identified and IP information. The data  showed that every single entity in the sample had an HTTPS service, a secure system […]

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Vulnerabilities and attack surface, 5 Key Performance Indicators for National cyber perimeters

A OWASP vulnerabilities and open surface scan of more than two thousands websites in National cyber perimeters of different countries has been carried out to generate data for 5 KPIs to rank the different cyber perimeters in a global cybersecurity index. Cyber perimeter is defined by websites of institutional, private companies and services and supply […]